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King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Looks pretty solid to me! If all of these updates come to pass in 2018, it will be one of the best years RuneScape has had in a long time for absolute certain!

Consider me rather hyped for this year! The direction is fantastic and I am excited with the way the RS Team is thinking and what they are working on this year. I honestly don't think there is much about this year ahead that needs fixing. If all this happens, it will be an excellent year!

With that said, the usual faces will complain and be wet blankets as usual, but that would happen no matter what was revealed in this post. Complainers will complain, no matter what in just about every gaming community ever. Doesn't mean the updates or forecasts of updates are bad.

I'm excited for this year and optimistic about what the future holds for this game that we all love provided that Jagex maintains their current direction and stays true to the course they have revealed to us here!

06-Jan-2018 00:08:42

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