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Mostly hyped as a lot of this sounds good, though is hardly new.


I'm disgusted to see that lessons on group boss sizes STILL have not been learnt. You've done poll after poll: no-one wants 7-man bosses! AoD was not a highlight of last year, AoD was a flop because there is precious little audience for it.

YOUR OWN POLLS all show the same thing: keep the group sizes as small asp ossible, ideally solo and certainly no larger than 5 (preferably 3). There was even a poll related to Solak that said EXACTLY THIS, and it's been ignored.

I am glad to see that the player are being listened to on most fronts, but it seems to me very much so that the developers of bosses are ignoring everything we say.

Make Solak soloable or cancel it. I am deadly serious. The developer even commented that Solak was his vision of the Ambassador boss that was suggested at Runefest 2016. Thing is, that was for 1-5 people. That covers around 90% of the Playerbase. Solak-proper will appeal to almost noone.

I can only hope that when the duo-mode Solak's popularity inevitably far outweighs the "proper" version's, that this finally makes you develop soloable bosses designed for more like 1-3 people. I have no faith in this, but I can hope.

05-Jan-2018 17:59:30



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Aeon Queen8 said:

What criteria are you using to decide what to cut?

I'm back to Runescape after a few years and have always been a big minigame fan, and have been recently seeing how deserted some minigames are now. Barbarian Assault for example - but that's not necessarily a surprise, since a bulk of the player base for that was people trying to get the fighter torso (which propped up the numbers quite nicely for enthusiasts) which is now vastly outclassed. I'd rather see some sort of reward overhaul for minigames like that to try and get people back there rather than them being totally removed (of course, you may not be talking about BA, but gotta put my defense in there :P).
BA actually has a relevant reward: the bonus XP it gives (notably agility). It's still dead.

You might not have noticed while you were away, but there was also a massive overhaul to the minigame: a hard mode was added which awards this and is the only way to get the insignias: pocket slot items that admittedly aren't that useful these days, but even on release when some of them were, the interest in BA had died out by the Wednesday morning, and the rework/overhaul was a very big update on Jagex's part.

They're removing them because, simply put, they've tried reworks to get people interested and they just aren't. It's not worth the effort of doing so for the attention it gets. It's a conversation that has been going on for a long while now.

Mobilising Armies, for instance. Making it work properly would probably be the same as starting again from scratch, from the ground up.

08-Jan-2018 01:27:12

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