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Mod Scorpio said:
Those are just a few of the definites, but there's a lot more that we're still sitting on to surprise you with later in the year. Continuing on, here are a few projects that we plan to work on this year which aren't actively in development yet:

You can also expect to see Skilling Offhands

Wasn’t this promised at Runefest as guaranteed to be within the first six months of the year and that you only discussed updates being worked on?

Less than a week into 2018 and already lying to the players. Nothing changes.
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05-Jan-2018 18:12:19

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So exited for a lot of the stuff this year. My main update this year is mobile. cant wait for the full release. Getting a good phone just so i can play mobile which is the Note 8. Keep up the awesome work and cant wait to see what else you guys have planned for the year.

05-Jan-2018 18:18:33

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Blackwing said:
And the dungeoneering elite skilling outfit will still remain behind a paywall... come on now.

Dailyscape being addressed "in 2018" with no real estimation probably means it's gonna be pushed back again to 2019.

I'd rate this year ahead 6/10. It's slightly better hyping than usual from Jagex, but there's little new information and the emphasis is on the wrong places.

But it is only showing the first 4 months of the year, we don't know what updates we will get past April ( for certain).
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05-Jan-2018 18:19:09

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So for the first four months of the year, you are announcing only one quest?

Piss off with that.
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Where is the Pet Garden/Park we were told about?

That is the thing i was looking forward to the most.

Other than this i am actually excited for some of the things you mentioned. - Divination Skilling Outfit, Pirate Quest, Mining/Smithing Rework, Clue Scroll Rework.

Have no interest in Runescape Mobile though and slightly disappointed it has been put before the bank rework which i really wanted.

You are doing great though, keep up the good work. :)

05-Jan-2018 18:33:47

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