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Double XP Weekend is coming up, running from 12:00 UTC on 15th September until 12:00 UTC on 18th September. Hot on its heels is the next big batch of Invention content, and we wanted to let you know how the two will work together.

The Invention update hits on 18th September, right after Double XP ends. Among other things, the update will bring brand-new blueprints.

We wouldn't want you to miss out on those lovely bundles of Invention XP or – worse - feel obliged to wait until a future Double XP Weekend to discover them. That's why we're extending the +50% XP boost for blueprint discovery for two weeks following release. Note that other Invention training methods will not be boosted after Double XP Weekend ends.


  • Feel free to train Invention to your heart's content over Double XP Weekend. It'll only give you access to more of those new blueprints, which you'll be able to take full advantage of for the following fortnight.

  • No need to hold onto Inspiration. It's being removed with the update on the 18th, so use it up!

  • When Monday comes, please do unlock any new blueprints right away. There's no reason to wait.

Have an amazing Double XP Weekend, guys, and we'll see you in game on the 18th for all the Invention you can handle.

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Stratus said:
This is why waaaay too considerate. What TH promo are you about to bring back?

If you look at it that way, then I'd say this is compensation for the new protean power-ups. :P
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13-Sep-2017 15:28:53

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Sounds rather promising. The part I am looking forward to is the removal of the inspiration. Have several blue prints waiting but not enough inspiration. Don't ever think the reason I am peaceful is because I do not know how to be violent.
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13-Sep-2017 16:16:03

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