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Zink 30

Zink 30

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I found that it covered all basis, and I do like the idea that you guys have humored the whole revert/combat system back, although I did want to just add in some thing.

If the combat system does get reverted (by some miracle), can we have the 2011 Armor with it? Not the 2012. Although I would still take it if we had too. I realize that the 2011 armor is the same as 07, but it was a lot better designed and fitted the pixels way better. A lot of people in game talk about how they miss it.

But yeah, My main post is about the armor which is the one thing the survey did not cover.

Thanks for listening, no need for anyone to reply to this. Thanks again

01-Mar-2018 07:52:51

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I wish people would get this through their nostalgic rose-tinted heads: the combat system is not being reverted and the old combat system was terrible and limited.
You only have to look at OS to see that: pretty much every boss mechanic is 'run away from the OHKO now" or prayer flick to abuse the tick system.

The poll is about changes to see some of the features people liked (such as supposed equipment diversity, which really did not exist to the degree people think) back.

01-Mar-2018 13:07:42

Dr Esa
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Dr Esa

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Jagex will never revert the combat system.

They only want to make major adjustments that even pro-EoC supporters know its necessary and deny with guilt. Like weapon speeds, tier balancing, making DPS less overpowered, and etc.. Of course it will be modified in a way that people can continue bossing with ease.

01-Mar-2018 17:42:46

Jon Stryder
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Jon Stryder

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Just completed the RuneScape Annual Survey as posted in today's news article which also relates to the current in-game poll....

...spookily, no mention of 'reverting combat'.

Are you perhaps instead filling in The Big RuneScape Survey 2018 which was posted in July last year? That survey contained a question about reverting combat if I remember correctly.

(Jagex really should look at their naming convention for these surveys, and perhaps lock/remove old surveys, as this confusion is entirely understandable and avoidable.)
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