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Honestly, I don't think the problem is the difficulty alone; it's the fact it's a group-only boss that's incredibly hard.

If it were soloable or had a balanced solo-mode, it would be perfectly fine, as then at least people could try as much as they wanted.

If it were so easy that one could take anyone off their friend list and get it done, it might not be so bad (but it's still annoying when the 'Comp req' is 'Have friends who are in the mood to PvM'.

The fact that the Comp cape requires you to know other PvMers is however just asinine. I don't agree with removing all PvM from comp, but I do think that no group boss should be on comp, for these reasons. It's either "know the right people or buy a leech", which makes it an awful requirement. This logic also applies to Trimmed Comp btw; it should go from that too.

All the requirements for these capes should be do-able alone, so that they actually show personal achievement. Keep 'group only' bossing away from them, and ideally away from the game entirely. People who like this sort of thing mostly moved onto other games.

26-May-2018 21:41:17

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