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RS3 does nothing for new players.

Imagine spending 10 years of gameplay, then suddenly it means squat and the whole thing changes to be a completely different game.

Then to keep everything negative about RS appearing because of it, they make a lame excuse and choose a version from 3-5 years prior and MAKE you restart those 10 years.

OSRS has more players because it has a better team who know what they love and a community that isn't all about elistism, skilling, or just spewing on other peoples opinions in forums. Also no mtx, frequent inspiring updates, and something for everyone.

RS3: Look we have new xp tomes, last weeks spin the freaking wheel isn't over but we thought you'd like that over something fun.

02-Mar-2018 07:30:40

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Iceey said:
The people who play RS3 now are the people who don't really care about OSRS.

If RS3 closed, most people are going to quit. They don't want to play OSRS because of how long it takes to do stuff and eventually OSRS will turn into RS3.

Ding ding ding.

While my account on the forum says 2017 (I changed my name so I assume that's why) I've been playing this game since the only version of it was RSC then RS2 was introduced to everyone (what people called OSRS for whatever reason) after it was finally dropped from being P2P only and now RS3.

Initially when Jagex first implemented EOC I absolutely hated it but that's mainly because I hate change in general and massive change is on a whole other level thus I have a hard time accepting it. So I ended up quitting the game and went on a 5+ year hiatus until nostalgia got me (again) and I came back (again) but now later on down the road I actually prefer the EOC combat system compared to the archaic click once/maybe spec every now and again then stare at your inventory which RS2 had.

There's a bit of context to cover my opinion.

If Jagex pulled the plug on RS3 I'd be done with this game forever. I've invested 13+ years into this account alone, I've basically grown up with the game and this account, the thought of having to start from scratch all over again is something I wouldn't even contemplate let alone do especially on an outdated version of the game. It's the equivalent of moving from RS2 to RSC, there'd be more people refusing to do that than there are still refusing to accept EOC/RS3 from RS2.

The people who refuse to play RS3 and say RS2 is 'better' are still in the denial phase all the years since EOC was first introduced. Not to mention they're purposefully handicapping themselves.

02-Mar-2018 09:03:27

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