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Imsobored99 said:
Because there were DXP Weekends before it was 'Old School'? They werent invented in RS3 lol Its a pretty valid question

You do know that a dxpw would have to pass a poll right which req 75% or higher to pass.

So gl with that happening as ik for sure theres not even 20% that would vote yes.
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08-Sep-2017 03:16:37

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Erehk said:
Really looking forward to RF, even though I have to live vicariously through the live stream. :P

I know! I am the same. Its so hard to get excited about runefest when there is no way you can attend.

All the good stuff happens while I am sleeping so I catch the streams I can replay after the stream

I would love to meet all the mods but its just not gonna happen :( Somehow watching the streams just doesn't pass on the hype and excitement of actually being there :(

14-Sep-2017 04:10:15



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Introducing the guthix god sword (ggs) this will be obtainble through a new boss room in the godwars dungeon where it will be located on a second floor of the god wars dungeon its ability will be 20% increase strength, defence and attack stats and also 20% increase damage. These effects will take place when the spec button of the sword is used (50% of the spec bar will be used).

This will benefit the runescape community by not only adding more content but also expand the use of diverse weaponry used in pking.

Hope you like the idea. :)

17-Sep-2017 10:44:26

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