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Law of John

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There are few monsters with new mechanics. take the living wyverns, for instance, with their cold and posion. Or the ripper demons, with their berserk rage if you fall below a certain hp, or their death ability. Also, dont forget about the charging mamoths.

If they reverted the combat update, one of the two games WILL die. It would prob be rs3, because why bother playing an afk game if there is already one? People play OS because they can have 20 games open at once, because combat takes 0 skill for the most part. There are still bosses in rs3 that you cant afk for days, where the third hardest is already being botted hard in OS.

Just admit it, you guys HATE os, and you just want RS3 to suffer as well. Btw, I only read through the first 16 pages, I gave up after seeing James just blindly want everyone to vote to revert EoC.

28-Aug-2017 09:50:28

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