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I think it would be great to just have a tab with quest items, that way i could store them for later use (ex. quest achievements) without taking up all my bank space On the quest of being the ultimate quester

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Adding an NPC to hold these items? I'm not sold on that. Something like holding Diango items in bank without taking up bank space, would be more streamlined in my opinion. Just add a button for quest/miniquest untradeables, and voila!~ More space, and it's all in one place! Ooh, that rhymed!

That said, I otherwise support this wholeheartedly. While I don't really need it, it sounds useful and totally reasonable. However, I feel it should be considered low priority. They are deep in Bank Rework development right now. Adding more work to it at this point in time would just make the whole process a huge mess.
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