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A few people, including myself, received Premier Club Award Tokens while in the beta. I'm sure that is a mistake - can they please be moved to the normal account?

I started at level 10 and worked upwards, jumping levels whenever I had finished testing what I wanted at a given level. I like much of what I have tried but not so much that mining tiredness sets in so fast. There is already the flame effect to keep people who want to progress fast at the keyboard, so why two? Maybe the AFK/active balance should be adjusted a wee bit towards AFK but slower results?

I like the smithing changes although I sincerely dislike that ore placed in the hopper is noted when withdrawn for smelting.

When attempting to empty an already empty ore bag there is no message to the effect. Nothing happens, interesting or otherwise.

I haven't figured out yet what the small yellow cubes are for :-).

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