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Looking really good, I just have 3 criticisms:

1: I think the Rockertunities should give you an immediate ore too, or at least extra progress towards mining one (more improvement if I am wrong and it does this already).

My interest in mining at this point is the profitability rather than the XP, making Rockertunities provide no incentive for me to not AFK.

2: The heat mechanic seems a bit too punishing at the moment. Maybe it just feels like it requires more clicking since you can smith for so long at a time, but it didn't feel like long before the XP for smithing had already halved.

3: Aetherium is still much cooler than Elder Rune Ore.

Also, a couple of points for the future since the stats on armour aren't implemented yet: Please give it a small power bonus. It doesn't have to be the full one; something like half to 3/4 the usual expected power bonus for that tier and only for the maxed-out versions of each tier of armour would do (so EG: the elder rune platebodies +0 to +4 would have no power bonus, the +5 one would have the damage bonus of a T50 (rockshell) platebody).

This would make sure its still outclassed by bossing armour, but make it still feel MUCH more appealing than it being just base tank armour: As the plan stands, an Elder Rune +5 Platebody would be the same as a Tetsu platebody, and most people recognise that this is inferior to a Bandos Chestplate that is 15 levels lower and costs 2m and does not degrade... Point is, pure tank armour is terrible. A little bit of a DPS bonus would go a long way.

And please be careful with the alch values. I very much believe that the highest tier ore you can do should be the best profit, and that this profit needs to be worth it (for context, Incan energy with the no XP option and Divine Vacuum is about 3m/h - I appreciate having 3m of alchs per hour isn't healthy, but there needs to be some profit here).

12-Feb-2018 17:23:22



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For people reading, the design documents have been updated (and annoyingly, this has only been said on Reddit....). My thoughts:

The recipe for an Elder Rune bar now uses a regular Rune bar as well as two secondary ores to make. I HATE this: this is EXACTLY the reason you removed coal from all the higher level bar recipes in the first place!!! We should not be using level 50 resources as part of the recipe for level 90 bars. Please, just change the name and stick to adding a new ore.

The Masterwork armour is better looking, and I am glad to see that useful armour is indeed now available to smiths from Smithing only, but I have to ask again why it is using such low level resources. Does it not artificially inflate the prices of the low level ores and bars? Will this not contribute towards possibly making level 99 Miners have to mine Copper and Tin ore of all things? While I certainly see that it makes sense, why are we adding leather and steel to Masterwork armour, of all things? I suppose given the small numbers of them involved, it can be allowed, and I understand that it is thematic (including 1 of every bar), but I still feel this is reintroducing the coal problem.

Upgraded Masterwork armour, however, we need to talk about. Making this stuff Degrade to Dust has COMPLETELY killed it. It's going to be FAR too expensive to maintain to ever justify its use, especially since it will be essentially no better than the basic Masterwork armour or Malevolent armour. This stuff NEEDS to cost the SAME to maintain as regular Masterwork Armour.

You are asking people to pay the price of a complete set of Masterwork+Torva+Malevolent for armour that degrades at the same rate as Malev and gives a completely unnoticeable damage boost. That is asinine to the extreme. Make it repairable the same was as normal Masterwork or this is DEAD content.

Also, I realise it's to match the other t90 D2Dust power armour, but melting Razorbacks makes 0 sense as they are made out of fur.

16-Mar-2018 17:12:16

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