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Cinder Quill

Cinder Quill

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Currently, there is
no incentive for lower levels to level mining
other than to
grind out to get to top tier
ores and supply top tier ores to top-tier smithers. I loved the idea of
coal retaining value as a catalyst
to smithing, as it meant the lower levels had a reason to supply to top tier players.

They do the grunt work and low xp stuff, and the top tiers smith faster, and the community grows stronger as a result, much like rune ess there could even be different tiers of coal.

In nature you can get
brown coal
black coal
(bituminous) and
hard coal
(Athracite), they could have staggered unlocks (say 10, 40, 70) and as said above:

It creates flow between the lower end of the community,
that are now feeding into the economy, instead of
just dumping all their lower tier ores
because they're worthless, and gets them interacting with the higher tier players who demand their services, creating a cost vs xp evaluation. Do I mine the 'worthless ore' for gains? or get a bit less xp but provide coal for the community who
value my services and will pay me handsomly

This also removes that
completely hopeless feeling
of starting from level one, when you start a new account and think "well my skills are completely useless until I reach level 90..." Instead, you are giving them staggered milestones that retain their value throughout!

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Pathing to glowing rocks is poor and when low level they dont seem worth getting
at higher levels like elder runite they could be worth going to if the prices are high enough but they dont seem to boos your xp/hr much

12-Feb-2018 19:28:32

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A few people, including myself, received Premier Club Award Tokens while in the beta. I'm sure that is a mistake - can they please be moved to the normal account?

I started at level 10 and worked upwards, jumping levels whenever I had finished testing what I wanted at a given level. I like much of what I have tried but not so much that mining tiredness sets in so fast. There is already the flame effect to keep people who want to progress fast at the keyboard, so why two? Maybe the AFK/active balance should be adjusted a wee bit towards AFK but slower results?

I like the smithing changes although I sincerely dislike that ore placed in the hopper is noted when withdrawn for smelting.

When attempting to empty an already empty ore bag there is no message to the effect. Nothing happens, interesting or otherwise.

I haven't figured out yet what the small yellow cubes are for :-).

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I tried it for a short time

First Mining, It feels a bit odd to get different materials the same way. Maybe there can be a difference, or will this be in live update just hard to get there?

Second Smithing, I like the heating and cooling down. However my heated material does not cool down when I run around. This is not realistic to the real world.

12-Feb-2018 19:30:39

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A bit of Feedback

I have found that I do more clicking to keep my adrenaline bar active to smith or mine faster.
The extra work to smith involving the actual item requires much more work than was it is now.
Also in beta only making one item at a time is a real put off; on top of the time it takes to completely smith the one item.
Having the forge to reheat an item while smith takes way more time as well.

But I like the idea of the forge reheating if making an upgraded or decorated item as well as having to use multiple items of the same to make the upgrade or decorated item.
Having an adrenaline bar for this is again a huge put off; I think that you could fine tune it to have just a bit longer smith time instead of going back to the forge for heating the item multiple times.

I know that there have been updates on times throughout RS3 with mining and smith times and obtaining resources; most have noticed this and why would you to mess around with this aspect is a bit baffling as I do think that you will tick many off.
On the other hand adding time to the newer items I can see why this would be necessary.

When you take away from the skiller side of mining and smith - by this I mean those that choose to skill instead of combat you are in short taking a bit away.
I found that when I got the hang of mining it was faster and did align with the level.
Smith in the other hand did not more overly when just smith regular items and the higher the ore the longer it took to smith; if you left smith the same as it is now and just added this bit to the upgrade and decorated items then I see where you are going.

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One small bug I noticed is that the message you get when turning in decorated items to Doric by using the decorated item on Doric states the incorrect XP reward.

For example just going through Doric's left click interface awards 2,800 XP for turning in a Drakolith 2h sword. Clicking on the 2h in your inventory and using it on Doric give a separate dialog box that states the following:

Note: You do not actually get 28k XP. Just a textual issue.


Other than that I think the mining mechanics feel very complete once you understand what has changed. The documents that were linked are very useful.

For Smithing/Smelting, while the processes seems tedious on it's face, the XP rates seem decent. It is the heating system that seems to cause the most confusion. My first few smith attempts seemed to drag on forever until I read that keeping your heat above 66% was beneficial. That helped a lot! Quality over quantity.

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Cinder Quill

Cinder Quill

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Livid Raven said:
Mining beta opinion

Overall the feel of mining has been ideal. the pickaxe ability to help with higher tier or is great, but it feels like the ore rates are to slow. the experience gained upon mining is as expected. overall I feel mining should feel rewarding when stiking ore. since I espeacally don't like to go away from the keyboard I feel it should be more rewarding the more interactive you are with mining.

smithing beta opinion

the smithing is almost perfect but I feel its way to slow to make one weapon. may I suggest something like the pickaxe ability to help with mining, and suggest hammers to help with the development of the weapon.

I really like this idea! Elder rune hammers!

12-Feb-2018 19:32:02

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I will quickly cover the specifics you ask for to make it easy on you, anything after is just fluff.


• The Ore Bag - Freaking love it and this needs to stay!
• The feel of Mining AFK vs attentive - Its pretty good.
• The speed at which you collect ore - I feel like it is extremely slow at the start. If boosts are allowed the high tier ore would be fine. It should be hard to get the best.
• Non-competitive ore rocks - This has been long overdue and is fantastic!
• Rockertunities - Not sure how fast those Rockertunities will actually spawn but pretty good.


• The feel of Smithing AFK vs attentive - Feels weird, heat dies really fast even at 99 smithing.
• Smithing using supplies from the hopper - Fantastic! Although weird you cant do anything from inventory. Maybe just auto load hopper when making bars.
• The speed at which you create equipment - Extremely slow and seems like it breaks any xp rates. Smithing just feels like it will take ages to train now.
• Upgrading your equipment - Really like this concept.
• Decorating your equipment - Good additional concept if you choose to want xp over cash.
• Heating equipment as you smith it via the forge - Not a huge Fan with how fast heat is lost.
• New tiers of Ore and Metals - Makes mining feel really fleshed out.

Additional Notes-
Overall I give the complete package a 9/10 Love the rework. My biggest beef is how slow the smithing xp rates seem to be right now. I really enjoy the slow smithing since it feels like you are crafting powerful gear rather than swinging a hammer twice and bam you got a platebody. Something I heard from a lot of people is making Tier Hammers which I absolutely agree with. These hammers could either increase smithing rates, decrease heat loss per swing, or both. I think it would really help out with a sense of progression as well. Overall, FANTASTIC WORK I can't wait for the full release of this rework!!!

12-Feb-2018 19:33:19

ill sit on u
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ill sit on u

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First impression was great, finally m&s showcase. The overall experience was very good, nice changes to these skills.

No more rock depletion is great!
Rockertunity mechanic is clever way to keep people from afk with xp rewards, however it could reward with ores.
From level 15 skilling becomes way more intense and worsened by energy mechanic. Xp rates drops a lot and mining becomes way less afk. Not sure if mining should have this drastic change after some levels. The mechanic itself seems good, but mining changes too much.
Ore bag might not be necessary since banks in rs are almost everywhere near mining locations and signs could help to teleport ores to bank.
Since mining is gathering skill im not sure if progress bar is necessary.

Smelting ores could give more xp, but maybe there is a reason why and I missed why.
Forge interfaces could be better and smithing from inventory would be available aswell as identifying what type or bar is smithed.
Cooling mechanic is great! The only thing i would like to add that material could cool down by standing too to add more realism and make it less afk.
Bronze smithing seemed very fast and not afk, but iron smithing seemed like afk aspect still is in this skill. Reheating every 30secs would be reasonable.
Decorated items is a great idea!

From intensive 2hours of testing seemed like with 10% afk and rockertunities I got twice as much mining xp compared to smithing. It would be better if smithing and mining would level up at approximately the same time.

Overall its great to see some progress with this rework, its great that smithing, mining and combat skills will be equaled out, mining will be the main source of ores. Keep up the good work!

12-Feb-2018 19:34:47

Mr Faceboy
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Mr Faceboy

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First impression: Major improvement in mining. smithing needs more work.

I like the idea of the ore bag and the ability to keep mining the same rock to keep getting ore. Mining is less tedious at the lower levels in that respect. as for the bonus "rockitunities," I would rather see a smaller boost of exp when you get an ore than see these glowing rocks popup to force me to move. Instead, I wouldnt mind the rocks to deplete after say 3 minutes and you have to move to keep up, or click on the same rock if you are afk. The ore would have to respawn shortly after depleting, similar to siren stones, but instenced per player

The hopper is a nice improvment to the system, but heating of the unfinished product one at a time is tedious. Please make a way to heat up multiple products at a time would be nice. I dont mind turning around to heat the bar, but having to go through the menu everytime is a pain. It could even be a matter of unlocking at a certain level (maybe incorperating fming skill to slightly boost the amount you can heat up each piece).

I personally am going through the skills from level 1 to see how long it will take to do everything and how afk it actually is. So far, as stated before, mining is fun to afk. Smithing is tedious and not really afk

EDIT: as a fellow game developer, I would also recommend marketing the "click to go faster" as a bonus rather than marketing as "afking means slower." The afk speed should be marketed as the normal rate, and the stamina bar and faster speed for clicking should be a bonus. That way we players dont feel like we are getting the short end of the stick if we afk

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