Ignatius Vulcan

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I believe our least impressive skill master should receive an update. I don't think anyone has a connection to this character, and lighting fires isn't really a skill. Can we please move him to the Karamja Volcano, where he should emote like a fire bender, and have lava spurt out of the magma at his will.

Additionally, can a non-skill cape selling version of himself be added to the Deep wilderness volcano, doing the same thing?

22-Oct-2018 08:55:12

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Well, he's the only skillcape holder other than Ajjat with a trimmed skillcape... soo...

Oh, and he's partners with Sera from Firemaker's Curse.
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22-Oct-2018 17:31:18



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His trim probably comes from woodcutting

That or he somehow double down on firemaking.

Or ... *something* *something* huge fire that killed a lot of *something* and it allowed him to hit 99 in constitution, slayer, or thieving.

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