Mining and Smithing Rework?!?

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Ideas? They already decided on a few metals for lvl 60 and 70. and more on the way. Sorry to have bursted your bubble like that.

Currently there is Orihalcum(spelling? idk every freaking game spells it differently) for lvl 60 and Necronium for 70 or so. And while they don't have concrete(hey that could be a material! xD Could you imagine the hilarity?) plans as to what they'll place for T80, and T90, they won't listen to us. Fact is, they will be adding in ores for those levels in the future some time after the rework. The names of the ores? Irrelevant.

Forgot to point out the secondary materials to replace coal with higher level smithing. Runite is to be combined with "Imcandite" to make rune bars, for example.
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