Mining and Smithing Rework?!?

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There is another thread which gives the details of a mod post outlining a planned rework in detail.

However, a more recent mod post about the various changes in store for this year says that they haven't really started figuring out what the mining and smithing rework will be like! So I guess that old plan is not set in stone.

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From Tolkien, Mithril seems to be as precious as Platinum, as strong as steel, and as light as Magnesium. I think it was probably inspired by the hype around Aluminum when it was first discovered, but of course it's also reminiscent of Titanium.

Adamant could be considered reminiscent of Vanadium, used in making tool steels, since they're very hard.

I'd like to see Platinum added to RuneScape as something beyond Silver and Gold.

And at the lowest level, if Zinc were added, then we could make brass bars in addition to bronze ones. So we could make brass necklaces ourselves - and brass, not just steel, should be required for making clockwork mechanisms. (In fact, iron should be required too; steel for the framework, iron for the spring, and brass for the gears.)

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Well, although long ago they posted t60 Orichalcum and t70 Necronium, more recently they said they hadn't even begun to work out the actual shape of the Mining and Smithing rework. So it may be all up for grabs.

Myself, I figured it would be a lot of trouble for them to re-position all the mining rocks in Glienor. So I suggested a simpler way...

Instead of letting you mine Rune at 50 Mining, and still make Tier 50 gear with it...

why not make the two match the other way round... Rune would still take 85 Mining to mine, but now you can make Tier 85 gear with it?

The idea being that existing rune armour would still be Tier 50 - and you could still make regular rune armour at 50 Mining and 50+ Smithing - but there would be some way, with extra effort, to make superior rune armour and weapons that would be inferior to normal Tier 85 armour and weapons.

Say degradeable and with Tier 80 stats.

Now, in the case of rune, Tier 85 may be too high, and that would be a problem for the game. In the case of Adamant and Mithril and so on, though, there wouldn't be a problem.

Of course, that might mean new in-between metals, which is less exciting than new top-level metals. And changing where all the mining rocks are is maybe not all that hard.

But it has the nice result that the Tier 50 Rune armour, the Tier 40 Adamant armour, and so on, is the "real" T50 armour and the "real" T40 armour, in the same way that Dragon armour is the "real" T60 armour and Bandos armour is the "real" Tier 70 armour.

And the Anima Core of Zaros armour is now the "real" Tier 80 armour, having stats as good as those of Torva armour, for that matter.

So instead of making the lesser T60 armour with Orichalcum and the lesser T70 armour with Necronium, the lesser T70 armour would be what you get if you make superior Adamantite bars using Imcandite instead of coal, or if you add some Blurite to your Adamantite, or some other thing.

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And so when you get 50 Mining, you can use Mithril to make superior Mithril armour, which you can use instead of Rune armour.

And so a new metal would be added at 60 Mining between Mithril and Adamantite, and eventually a new metal might be added at 80 Mining. And like the existing metals, they could be used in two ways - to make Tier 60 and Tier 80 armours that aren't quite as good as existing ones, since they're easier to obtain, or to make inferior, but more solid, armour at Tier 35 and Tier 45 which is nondegradeable, has full stats, and is thus the normal top-quality armour at those levels. (Except for premium armour, such as Third-Age armour.)

I'd also like to see Platinum added someday as a crafting metal, and Zinc added so we could make our own brass, since brass exists in game.

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Ah. You may well have spotted the flaw in my idea.

In further thought, though, I was looking at a way to allow players to smith armour that was fully equivalent to Dragon armour or God armour.

That would be done using Orichalcum and Necronium.

But mining Orichalcum and smithing Orichalcum bars would take 100 mining and smithing, and mining Necronium and smithing Necronium bars would take 115 mining and smithing.

So Mining and Smithing would now go to 120 instead of just 99, giving players something to aspire to, and avoiding dead content.

And when the combat skills go to 120 as well, superior Orichalcum armour and superior Necronium armour could then be brought in as Tier 100 and Tier 115 armours that people could smith themselves!

I'll suggest Meteorium as the name for the new metal at 60 Mining and Smithing used for Tier 35 armour.

08-Apr-2016 15:18:28

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