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Device Name: Augmentor nano

What It Does: A less bulky version of the existing augmentor.

How Itís Used: Makes the augmentation on weapons, tools and armour less bulky and in your face. It is mostly a cosmetic improvment but an added bonus of say 0.05% less drain would be nice.

This is aimed at people who like me don't enjoy seeing big gears on our stuff.

Device Name: Trap-get-set 8999.9

What It Does: lays traps in a grid

How Itís Used: can be used to lay up to 4 traps at a time. This includes bird snares and box traps(would be nice to add deadfalls if possible). Recovering loot from the traps and resetting them happens in 1 action and the grid does not change. When used no more traps may be laid. Lasts for X amount of time without interaction or Y amount of time and then broken down.

This is inspired by the domino block laying machine. I think 4 traps would be nice but not too op.
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