All skills 120 in RS future

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King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Lego Miester said:
Doubleevil2 said:
With 12k plus players now maxed and increasing fast and adding new skills to the game does not seem to be a priority in recent years, will RunseScape ever reach a number of max players where all skills will be increased to a level of 120?

Or is the ultimate goal for the game the majority of players to be maxed?

I am curious what the long term goal is.


No game should take 13 1/2 years to reach level cap. This one did. And I'm still not even 120 dungeoneering.

It's not Jagex's fault RS players are scary obsessed with this game to an unhealthy degree. (though it is their fault players are buying xp in such massive quantities as to devalue the max cape.)

I find that I've been quite regularly agreeing with Lego (funny since I seem to remember us arguing about something back in '12 - '13) in these threads lately. I agree RS is too grindy and that it should not become even worse.

12-Dec-2016 15:39:04

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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from walmart said:
If the current skills are to be moved to 120 then it should be done gradually and content should be add as a raison detre for why raising skills to 120 will be cogent to the game.

Case in point is how they are doing it with slayer. They polled it and apparently it passed and so they are going to bring it and including content to go along with it.

The suggestion to just outright make all skills 120 is absurd.
However, doing skills one by one or even two at a time is more tenable.
The interim betwixt the skills will serve as a wherewithal for all players to adjust.
I welcome any rebuttal to these ideas that I have laid out and can surely flesh them out if anyone so wishes me to do so.

I find your suggestions to be quite functional logically. If they "MUST" and only if they "ABSOLUTELY MUST" release 120 all skills, this is the manner that I would prefer they approach it in. This is a VERY strong preference that they approach 120 skills in this manner if at all (preferable not to).

12-Dec-2016 15:40:48

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