All skills 120 in RS future

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from walmart said:
If the current skills are to be moved to 120 then it should be done gradually and content should be add as a raison detre for why raising skills to 120 will be cogent to the game.

Case in point is how they are doing it with slayer. They polled it and apparently it passed and so they are going to bring it and including content to go along with it.

The suggestion to just outright make all skills 120 is absurd.
However, doing skills one by one or even two at a time is more tenable.
The interim betwixt the skills will serve as a wherewithal for all players to adjust.
I welcome any rebuttal to these ideas that I have laid out and can surely flesh them out if anyone so wishes me to do so.

I find your suggestions to be quite functional logically. If they "MUST" and only if they "ABSOLUTELY MUST" release 120 all skills, this is the manner that I would prefer they approach it in. This is a VERY strong preference that they approach 120 skills in this manner if at all (preferable not to).

12-Dec-2016 15:40:48

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Can't wait until 120 in all skills becomes a reality tbh, but if it's not to be, I wouldn't mind at least having a cape for all 120s sometime in the future.

I don't mind if it's got the same stats as a 120/99 cape and it wouldn't be something that people would be forced to do to remax/recomp etc. It'd just be cosmetic.

I know a lot of people don't want to train skills they don't like past 99 and forcing something like "all 120 skills will now be required to wear the max cape" sounds rather silly if the lvls between 99-120 aren't fleshed out more.
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13-Dec-2016 03:06:39

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Ya, i belive combat skills should NEVER go to 120. ALTOUGH , we could see very good prayers and new potions from herbblore and prayer 120....

tbh every single skill but combat ones (attk, def, str , magic, range and HP) can go to 120 adding very nice things to the game

04-Jan-2017 02:26:00

x Mr Jank
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I would be interested into seeing this, but there's only once problem with this. is that it would take a lot of effort for Jagex to add new content for each skill going up to level 120.

1). It Jagex extends Runecrafting level from 99 to 120, they would have to add new runes, there for they would have to make use of those runes in Magic, like a new spell or teleport that can go with a rune that is level 99+.
2.) It would take way too much work and effort on Jagex side. Most of the players rather have them adding new content to game like quests or new place on map etc.
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04-Jan-2017 06:34:38

Just In Time
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^ That's not true and you do not seem to know how runecrafting woks, the higher your level the more runes you get per essence the problem nowadays is people only know the skill as runespan but even then they could increase syphon chance the higher level you have and its basic coding without having to add new unneeded content.

The same would apply to all gathering skills with higher your level the faster to gain the item and in turn xp, no need to add new trees, new fish etc. With things like farming you could gather more crops per patch with less chance of dying = more xp without having to add new seeds.

Production skills past 99 could be coded to save items the higher the level you have but it will still reward people to train after 99. Things like thiefing= even less chance of getting caught past 99.

Yes 120 would give room to add future content but it does not mean it needs it right away but just improves what we already have.

04-Jan-2017 17:57:51

Just In Time
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Werewolf said:
if you get into it they can just buff 2 skills at a time

Woodcutting & Firemaking
Fishing & Cooking
Magic & Runecrafting

once them are done all the others can be done 1 by 1 as the foundations for 120 all is there

Yes I like the idea of paired skills because that's how most work like: mining/smithing, farm/herb, div/invention (already 120) and the ones you listed but I don't think you should bring magic to 120 without the other combat skills so they should all be done together in 1 batch. Maybe do slayer and summoning without effecting combat level as a pair, so rc might go better with fletching as they both related to range and magic.

05-Jan-2017 16:24:52

Yami V
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Here is to hoping that the mining and smithing rework will also bump mining and smithing to level 120 as well.

Oh and yes i know this thread is over 2 years old and just had to bump it :-)

13-Jan-2017 07:45:32

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