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I am a firm beliver that Rs3 is a much better game that also has tons of revenue streams which mobile games are built off of. Every mobile success has micro transactions, I have never seen a very sucessful one that is sole off free to play, with member access. Plus people who solely play mobile enjoy micro transactions i mean i know people with a $2000 a month budget for mobile games. Plus that guy is pretty much the norm of the serious mobile gamers. As a person with 4 lvl 40 accounts with one of those over 4 times over 40 on pokemon go, on a clan of locals of over 60 people over 40 at least on one account. All of us drop at least a grand a month on just raid passes.

Back to the point of Osrs With no microtransations it just will not work with the mobile commuity so i think most will switch to Rs3 or quit before Rs3 even comes out. Which is Sad because the only reason jadex claimed to start microtransations was to "stay in business" but it does that just fine with osrs, Which either means they are funding osrs with RS3 (which is bull crap because i feel there team is just as big as Rs3 at least on social media. ) or they are just taking it to Rs3. Which is a whole other post for another day like the fact usa pays more then uk even after the conversion rate, and we have more players here, and we dont even have a runefest.

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Ya tbh Jagex is all talk sometimes, this reminds me of 2010 release of MechScape, where there was a bunch of hype for it, but nothing happened, I just hope Jagex doesnt half ass it.

23-Mar-2018 15:30:23

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@Xsnakeheadx8 - I see that you are spamming a post across multiple threads/forums. This type of spamming is not allowed on the forums. Please make better choices the next time you post on the forums.

Also, I've locked this thread because the author seems to have abandoned it. If the author wishes to have the thread unlocked: Please make a request on Forum Help.
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