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I feel like removing the Reaper title entirely is an over-reaction from Jagex reading two different feedback complaints and merging them into one, namely:

1: Some people super-suck at PvM and can't do the endgame bosses.
2: Group bossing sucks. Group bossing tests your ability to find a team rather than your PvM abilities, and the people who actually can do the bosses usually don't take new people.

Now PvM should be a requirement of the Comp (and Trim, let's not forget this) capes, but these are both potentially issues. The solution? Simple.

Have the Comp cape require ALL soloable bosses that can reasonably done by someone who is "decent" at combat. So, things like 100% Telos, Araxxor, Nex and below. Have the Trimmed Comp cape additionally require soloable PvM achievements that can be done by people who are proficient at combat, so things like the Warden title and CM GWD2 bosses (these could probably be normal Comp tbh, but for the sake of examples). (NB: not 1000% Telos as this basically requires Achto which gives it a group boss req). Neither cape will require ANY boss which can not be soloed reasonable (Vorago, RotS, Solak, imo KK) or any boss which is soloable only by the top 0.01% (>1000% Telos for instance).

This way, both capes have Pvm Requirements, the Trimmed comp cape is harder to get in this regard than the regular one, but the test is ONLY your combat ability and not whether you have friends or not, which should NEVER be a requirement. Just because this is an MMO does not mean the content should FORCE you to cooperate with people you do not know. Furthermore, there can be a reasonable expectation that there will not be a sudden jump in the skill level required that deprives someone of a cape they spent potentially thousands of hours on, and similarly someone won't lose thousands of hours of effort on a cape just because they have to pay for a leech just because they lack a team, even when they have the skill.

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Lord Kylle said:
Mitchypooo said:
All they're doing is adding a new team boss, I don't see the big issue, just take the time to learn it
Like everyone else

I don't think compers are complaining about Solak :)

Some compers complain about group bosses ofc, that's another question than just difficulty.


The easiest thing would by far be to leave it as is, reaper title is comp req.
Though if they really want another direction, this post suggests not devaluing reaper title, should it be moved to only be a trim req :)

A lot of Compers ARE complaining about and DREADING the release of Solak.
1: Because they keep saying it is meant to be super end-game and, more, 2: Because it's an Endgame GROUP boss. (also a boss balanced for a group size NOONE wants except its developer because it's another vanity project for the second time in a year, but that's a different topic).

And this is part of why a change needs to happen: when people don't just "don't care" about a future update but actively dread its release, you have a problem.

Sure it would be easy to leave it be, but that doesn't make it the right thing to do. And incidentally, moving it to just Trim does not fix the problem. The problems with Reaper as a Comp req apply just as much to Trim too. Whatever changes happen need to apply to both.

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Prime Axiom said:
You can kill every boss once in the game by the end of today, arguably in less than 2 hours. Certainly in less than 4. How on earth is that more demanding than asking all skills to be grind to 99, some to 120....and every quest unlocked?

Because you can't with the group bosses. Even if you have the skill for them, you need to find other skilled people and most of those just won't take a 'new' person.
Try going into Raid FC, I dare you. All it is is "Quickchat KC" and if you don't have a large number, no invite. And then you do get in and they're AWFUL. In the time that my usual group does an entire Yaka kill, they had done 2 pools. The team eventually all died 3x and people left.

That is the experience of people trying to do group bosses without a regular team and the experience they face EVERY time they release a new group boss. That is not fun, and for the prestige argument, it shows that who you know is more important than personal skill. I can quite clearly do PvM since I've done 1k Telos, but if I don't have other people around, then group bossing is impossible. It does NOT test your skills and it is NOT prestigious to get group boss kills. And that is why it honestly IS more demanding than asking for things like 120 Slayer.

Prime Axiom said:

You don't need hardmode Nomad.
You don't have to do 100% enrage Telos, and which is where Telos really begins.

You don't need to obtain any pets.
You can leech or mass any group boss.

Then add Hard Mode Nomad and 100% Telos, tests of PERSONAL SKILL, instead of the group bosses that test WHO YOU KNOW. You can't actually mass Raids, RoTS or Solak, and since you can leech all of them, why is it a 'prestigious' requirement? Answer, it is not.
Even things like Raids Feats that you listed can be leeched. Solo PvM can not be.

And while I'd be fine with a few pets, they are RNG so more suited to Trim

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