Master Skillcape Perks

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First note: If perks will differ from 99 to 120 skills I think if a 120 cape is used on a comp or max cape it should grant both perks from the 99 and 120 cape(If applicable). Or at least make the 120 perks usable on tose capes.

Skill : Agility
Type (99) : Teleport to any agility course

Skill : Agility
Type (Master) : Ability to recharge run energy x times/day and grants infinite energy for 5 minutes thereafter.

Skill : Attack
Type (Master) : Item degradation save chance is increased to 5%

Skill : Constitution
Type (Master) : Allow regeneration in combat and double base regeneration as the current 99 perk.

Skill : Cooking
Type (Master) : Prevents food from burning and provides Waiko grill's effect of 5% chance double resource cooked will be sent to bank for all types of food.

Skill: Magic
Type (Master): Configure the cape to switch to any 4 elemental runes and provides infinite amount of the 1 chosen elemental rune while it is worn.

Idea 2: Provide the effects of a nature or law staff but with all runes types. Having a 10% chance of saving runes while casting spells (Applies to every type of runes).

Skill: Invention
Type: (Master): Increase the charge drain reduction to 5%

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