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Skill : Herblore
Type (Master or 99 Perk) : Master
Description : Ability to cleanse noted herbs

Skill : Runecrafting
Type (Master or 99 Perk) : Master
Description : Essence pouches don't degrade whilst cape is worn

Skill : Farming
Type (Master or 99 Perk) : Master
Description : auto bank harvested produce

Skill : summoning
Type (Master or 99 Perk) : master
Description : ability to convert summoning charms (2 gold = 1 green, 2 green = 1 crimson, 2 crimson = 1 blue)

Skill : Thieving
Type (Master or 99 Perk) : Master
Description : Prifddinas workers only take 10 minutes to cooldown when worn
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Skill : Dungeoneering
Type : Master
Description : Reroll Gorajo card daily.

Skill : Invention
Type : Master
Description : Chance to save components when making perks.

Skill : Slayer
Type : Master
Description : Once a day choose a slayer task from your preferred list.

Skill : Magic
Type : Master
Description : Chance to save charges for lodestone quick-teles.

Skill : Attack
Type : Master
Description : Increase % of current 99 perk.

Skill : Defence
Type : Master
Description : Acts as sign of life with cooldown of 45mins.

Skill : Ranged
Type : Master
Description : Ability to hold 2 sets of ammo (bolts + arrows, 2 sets of bolts, etc)

Skill : Construction
Type : Master
Description : Ability for butler to carry extra planks.

Skill : Divination
Type : Master
Description : Small chance to harvest double the memories from a wisp.

Skill : Firemaking
Type : Master
Description : Gives a bonfire boost after burning 1 log.
200m Divination
200m Herblore
200m Hunter
200m Ranged
200m Thieving
200m Invention

1k+ elite clues complete
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I'd like to add something to my previous comment:

Whenever you poll something with a choice involving freebies, a huge portion of the game community will want it, regardless of what it specifically is. They do not think (care?) about the fact that these freebies do not add any actual gameplay, just the fact that it is something they get without any effort involved while making the game easier. Balance is not a word that comes to mind for many players either, as is seen when something overpowered enters the game yet few people point it out.
It even can go as far that when freebies do not add enough benefits, people complain about them, even though they had no problems prior to the introduction of said freebies.

Case and point: the amount of perks posted here in a mere few hours. Or look at the thread of in game bugs being (mis)used by most people for ninja convenience fixes instead.
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- No ammo loss or 100% ava alerter's perk, at least barely lose arrows.
- Teleport to ranged guild even though nobody goes there.
- Automatic mithril grapple
- Being able to use a 2 handed bow in 1 hand leaving a slot for a small shield
- Being immune to binds, idk
- hawk eye precision causing extra attack
- vanish for 10 seconds becoming the silent attacker
- energise ammo perk, leaving enemies with electric damage over time
- increased attacking distance
- power to generate arrows (fletching? lol)
- power to imbue archers ring

By the way i'd like to add to the comments that I still love the game and love the fact that Jagex still invests so much in adding to the game. Over time the game got much nicer to look at and the newer areas are way better than older ones. I still find new stuff to discover every day, and that's what I like about rs.

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So I take it we aren't getting safe cracking this month because the bugs are still being worked out? oh well, In light of that here's my idea for a skill cape perk for Summoning and Hunting.
Skill: Summoning

Type: Master or 99 I could see it fitting for one or the other

Effect: Make using summoning familiars special attack with a scroll have a small chance not to consume the familiars special points or spell points upon casting the familiars special scroll move.
Skill: Hunting

Type: Master or 99 I could see it fitting for either or aswell

Effect: Free teleportation to the D&D the Giant Chinchompa along with free teleports to entrance of the private hunting grounds reward from the Giant Chinchompa D&D.

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Skill: Construction
Type: Master
Description: Allow player to teleport to house AND be able to use any active telleportation portals in the house. OR Allow cape to store and use any Teletabs

Skill: Magic
Type: Master
Description: Allow cape to store all elemental runes up to some cap ~50k at least, would not be required to wear the cape to have storage

Skill: defence
Type: master
Description: allow players to cast diruption shield without completion of livid farm + 15 casts without correct spell book or runes/day

Skill: Constitution
Type: Master
Description: Players who proc SIgn of life (or sister items) with cape in possesion (weilded or inv) will have SOL CD reduced to 30 minutes, if those players proceed to die to the same character (can be same kill or future kills) within those 30 minutes will have CD reduced to 0

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