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Runescape mobile for me is a way to play the game without having to be sat at my desktop. Like with any PC, the performance of the device being used is going to affect how smoothly the game runs.

I am due an upgrade to my mobile phone within the next month and I'd like if possible to get one capable of playing Runescape at a reasonable level. For this I have a few questions before making my choice.

1) How much memory will be required to download and run the game. I have had problems in the past with other mobile games where although the app size is fine, alot of extra data is downloaded during the install. As updates come in more data is downloaded and it slowly eats away at my remaining memory.

2) How draining is the game when using mobile Data? Obviously running out of data will prevent me from playing (When not on Wifi). A rough idea will allow me to find a package that still allows me to use my data for other things too.

3) Minimum specs to run the game. This is the least likely one ill have trouble with but would be nice to know anyway.

Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong place or these questions have already been answered.

Obviously Runescape Mobile is still in development so no numbers given will be final. But it would nice to have a rough guideline I could search around anyway.

Thanks =)

21-Apr-2018 09:38:22

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This would be nice to know. I have a galaxy s8+ with unlimited data so hopefully that would be fine. My only problem is living in a rural area signal is sketchy, but I already use the phone as a hotspot for playing anyway.

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22-Apr-2018 23:35:21

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I'd guess around 500mb - 1gb on file size.

Data shouldn't be an issue, you would be surprised on the low amount that it uses, 2gb would probably suffice for a month but i'd go unlimited if you can. Test it out according to your budget if you need more up increase your data plan.

Get a phone that will last. Straight talk phones or prepaid phones run great at first but slow way down in my experiences. If it's in your budget go to a verizon, att or a local cell store that you know has good service in your area to get your phone it will be more expensive but their offers you can usually upgrade your phone once a year with some extra cost of course but it's worth it. I'd recommend a newer galaxy or iphone within the last few generations. Both are great depending on your personal preference.

23-Apr-2018 02:05:21

IM Zippy
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Get either a Samsung S9 or a OnePlus 6 when its released.

Samsung and OnePlus are the only decent mobile brands out at the moment. Both will have no issues with RS Mobile.

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I hope they will not look at how can we change RS to make it better for phones.
If phones can run it ok. If they can't do not change it PC should be the main priority.

23-Apr-2018 14:42:56

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1) 3-5 GB, after the client is downloaded, not much more space should be taken.

2) An mmo actually doesn't use that much data once you've downloaded the client and loaded the game once. Should be no problem for most mobile data subscriptions.

3) 2 GB RAM, 1-2 GHz duel/quad core processor.

Some of the info are from RS mobile stream.
They said they would try to get the client data size down.

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In fact, it is better to buy a new phone in 2019, because they will be 7nm SoC, which is far more energy efficient than 14nm/10nm SoC (Samsung 7nm process was completed)
some phone in 2019 should also be 5G capable (an improvement from 5G network is significantly reduced latency)
Samsung is going to have neural engine integrated into their Exynos chipset later this year, just like the latest Apple SoC do and will release one with even more powerful neural engine next year

some info about mobile processor:
the ipc of in-house designed architecture by Samsung and Exynos is significantly higher than architecture from ARM such as Cortex A73
the ipc for architecture from ARM
Cortex A73>A72>A53>A35

if you must buy a new phone next month
try to look for those with 14nm/10nm SoC, and those that come with at least 2-4 big core like Cortex A73
mid range SoC like Snapdragon 660's CPU performance may be comparable to high end SoC
but those chipset's GPU performance are significantly slower than that from high end one such as Snapdragon 835 and 845 (at least 50% slower)
and GPU of SoC like Snapdragon 400 series are even slower

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@Xsnakeheadx8 - I see that you are spamming a post across multiple threads/forums. This type of spamming is not allowed on the forums. Please make better choices the next time you post on the forums.

Also, I've locked this thread because the author seems to have abandoned it.
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