Elite Dungeon 2

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M McCann

M McCann

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Random question
I saw this question asked in another post but not answered.
To enter the new elite dungeon 2 dragonkin labs you need to complete the temple of aminishi once first.
Does this count if u complete it in story mode ?

03-Jul-2018 20:53:58

T Olvana

T Olvana

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Freddy 2938 said:
No, must be in normal mode if wiki is right.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! If that is true, Jagex really screwed up in their statement about this being doable by almost any player, regardless of ability. Story mode is a great addition, but if it is requirement to beat ToA in normal mode, a lot of people will be locked out of the second elite dungeon.

I haven't defeated Seiryu yet in normal mode (despite numerous attempts), so it seems that I'm going to have some hard time.

Edit: Finally managed to beat Seiryu. My stance hasn't changed, though. I still think that normal mode completion should be enough for accessing Dragonkin laboratory.

05-Jul-2018 08:35:45 - Last edited on 05-Jul-2018 10:07:45 by T Olvana

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