Dragonkin Labs difficulty

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Archaeox said:
According to the month ahead notes:

" making it a fine experience for almost any player, regardless of ability.

You will need to have completed Temple of Aminishi once to enter the Laboratory,"

Surely that's a load of contradictory bs, since ToA is clearly aimed solely at elite-level PvM'ers, and is a precondition for the new Labs?
Not to come in sounding like "that stereotypical elitist troll", but Temple of Amanishi is NOT hard even solo if you pay a bit of attention.

Hell, I've seen a video of someone killing Masuta solo using revolution with piercing shot into needle strike as their Revolution basic rotation. Literally doing like 2/3 the DPM of an ability bar you could take from the wiki, never mind a full manual user. And frankly, Masuta is harder than Seiryu.

In all seriousness though, I don't use t100 power armour and laser swords and stuff, I don't 4-tick auto-attack mage and I can do all 3 of the bosses with a steel titan and no aura. I appreciate that I'm "not everyone" and that combat prowess varies, but you really don't need to be an 'elite' PvMer to even solo elite dungeons. Another YTer (who does 4-tick but is certainly not 'elite') has done Seiryu solo in 4 cycles with t75 weps and t50 power armour, so you don't even need top-end gear.

The first step is a bit of confidence in one's own abilities, the second is to learn how to respond to the mechanics. I'm sorry to be blunt, but as long as you pay a bit of attention, it's really not hard to complete solo. It requires neither elite PvM gear nor skills. It's certainly mechanically easier than Telos by a long shot.

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