120 Summoning Familiar Ideas

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Yusou Bhoroi

Yusou Bhoroi

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I do like most of these ideas (not all, but that's no biggie, as that's the same with every update).

One thing I'd like to suggest, is if one of the rarer tallies is added as a higher-level titan pouch secondary (the fact that it is rarer, means it's more of a boost to any sources).

On that note, though: Talismans are in need of another sink. Despite large section of the playerbase training Summoning to (and past) 99, the number coming in from PvM is only increasing, and far outstripping demand. It's very likely that they will all be subject to a crash in price, some time in the next few Years.

Making pouches that give more xp, will mean that people will do those to level up, rather than existing ones. If those pouches require talismans, then that's still going to mean that fewer of the current tallies are being used up (either because different tallies are being used, or because you can get more xp per tally).. and given that they don't all require talismans (I'm not suggesting that they should), there will be a lot of high/fast-xp alternatives to using tallies for training Summoning.

When you add that to the already impending crash in value, there either needs to be another major sink added, or they need to drastically cut down on how many are coming in from PvM (even without 120 Summoning, it would still need to be cut by about half).

07-Nov-2018 17:51:59

Yusou Bhoroi

Yusou Bhoroi

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I think that an expansion to Summoning, might also be a good opportunity to bring in some new concepts and mechanics, for instance:

• New, ultra-rare, but very useful/powerful familiars, that can only be used very rarely, but can be much more potent (you can have various other limiters, like not being usable in unsafe PvP, and not being tradable, in order to allow for increased power).

• Group-Familiars, for use in Clan activities, and team Minigames - ones that require multiple people to summon, an maintain, but bring group benefits (like acting as a portable deposit box, and various other convenience things).

• Being able to summon creatures from other realms, briefly (maybe even just for one attack, and with the chance they will attack you, instead), or summon increasing numbers of very weak minions, the longer a fight lasts (but with a penalty to pay, at the end)

• Being able to summon pockets of elemental power (in conjunction with magic).

• Summoning a friend (this is a semi-joke, but I'm sure there could be some way of doing it).

• Familiar-only combat arenas (either without the player, entirely, or with the player only being able to tank), which could involve single familiars, or combinations of them.

• Being able to re-summon a particular familiar (as long as it is cared for, is not allowed to lost all it's health, and you capture part of its essence, with which to re-summon it), so that they can become more potent, over time.

Quite a few of these things are more redundant than when they were proposed in the past, as the effects/benefits are now covered by other things that have been released, but there are still a few things that could be positive, and worked in.

07-Nov-2018 18:06:28

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