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I was informed that JaGeX will be implementing World Bosses that are extremely Large. Larger than the KBD /Zulrah/Corp that will infact roam through out runescape.
each boss has a certain encounter that all players must take cautiously.
Some bosses require certain quests to be complete and have 90+ combat skills to even think about fighting. Other skills will be required to fight these bosses, and to make the fight easier or more difficult, as you please. The rarity of the loot will increase depending how hard you wish the fight to be.
More than likely, you will find yourself trapped by its little pets that individual boss can send/summon. to attack and test your strength.

Most of these Elite Bosses will require atleast 11 people to rake down,.
If they are skilled, it will require atleast 8 to be in a certain radius of the boss encounter.

1 Boss will be known to attack towns and major cities. IF this happens it will require a lot of damage to be absorbed until it falls to its death. All players will be rewarded a large amount of prayer experience within the area. If a player dies , he will be rewarded prayer exp in his glorious honor of not being able to return to the fight, and losing his gear unless his friends pick it up. These will be looting grounds for looters and the boss will move. so enjoyable fights will occur, spoils going to those who are equipped more than adequately, being deep in the wildy, unless it happens on a pvp world could be in a city.
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I also do not see your "question".

I don't think such "World Boss" feature is in the making. At least it is not shown in the Year Ahead video. Perhaps you read a really old article from years back? The concept of your "World Boss" actually is what Demon Flash Mobs were originally designed for but like Corporeal Beast these "bosses" become laughingstocks to even solo players, let alone a group of >10 players gradually over time.

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