Solak's requirements

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ZeroWolf said:
TLDR: I'd like it there was some sort of solo mode, probably with reduced rewards, would even be fine with no chance at signature drops, so I could actually play the new content.

I and many others have wanted this since Solaks announcement, and I'd really liek it for the other group-only bosses too.

Sadly, the developer in charge of Solak (and I expect, most of the 'big complex boss' launches) is more of the view that content is just for some people or others, and you can't please everyone. While possibly true in general, I think here the effort of making bosses scale to groups of 1-5, rather than just setting it at 'a small number >1; and a larger number that will probably be dead content within a week, would be incredibly welcomed by the community overall. If they can even make it equivalently hard there shouldn't need to be a reduction in rewards anyway, and since groups and wanting to do things with friends rather than total strangers is a fair point, I see no reason why they can't do this. But we know they won't.

05-May-2018 12:09:06

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