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Just curious if ToA will be more limited to small amount of people or open to the majority of players in Rs3. I hope there's not harsh requirements so it's not DOA.

I hope that they can also intertwine Slayer into this dungeon considering slayer is on that 120 progression now.

Over all I hope I can jump into this with a group no problem and have a lot of fun with it while gaining Dg xp and over all I hope the Dg rates are worth me doing it or putting fourth supply's into the new "dungeon concept"
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From the streams:

No requirements except I think Impressing the Locals, and content-wise it is intended to be slightly more casual at the 'intended' group size of 3 people (they estimate GWD2 difficulty and the first and second bosses from what we have seen have 500k and 600k HP respectively).

They will be doable in groups of size 1-3, no higher, but won't be omega hard level like a certain dead content group boss we just had. I am I think most are mega hyped for them. Frankly, I don't think there's much point making content for larger than this anyway.

They've confirmed that relevant monsters count towards Slayer tasks (and the Acolytes of Seiryu contracts you can get on Amanishi).

They have said about 300k DG Xp/h, though if you're super good at combat it might be higher. It's slower than Daemonheim but bear in mind you will get monetary loot from it. I suspect "investment of supplies" is irrelevant as you will be making a profit.

I suggest watching over some of the past livestreams on these; there's a lot of information and it's all very reassuring.

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Impressing The Locals takes literally 5 minutes and has no prerequisites. It doesn't feature any combat, require skills to be used, or anything to be bought beforehand either. Literally any RuneScape player can find five minutes to go and talk to the handful of easy to reach NPCs and get the quest done, and I expect that most of the ones who haven't will be doing so in the three weeks we have to prepare.

The ED features a "story mode", so you don't need to be a maxed bosser to do it. However, while enemy HP and damage will be reduced in that mode, it remains to be seen how challenging that actually makes "story mode" - skillers can apparently leech in relative safety if they're in groups (they won't get combat XP if they're under Combal Level 10 or so), which suggests that being low-level is viable, but if you're soloing and very low-level you might struggle.

Still, I'd estimate that the overwhelming majority of players could comfortably handle "story mode" on their own, or in groups if they struggle. "Regular mode" is intended for the combat elites, the top tier of players at combat, so obviously that won't be feasible to the majority of players even in groups as it's meant to be a challenge.

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GWD2 is extremely easy for 3 people.. I solo gwd 2 so is that trying to say that for Solo it will be like me doing at worst.... Gregorovic on my own? Great i have nearly 1200 KC on him!

Telos at 0% has been compared to a GWD2 boss on challenge mode... So for me on Solo because I intend to solo it. Seiryu will be like me doing telos at 0%? Which I did with a barrow defender and Seasinger's Kiba?

Story mode 33% easier I think and if that unlocks all the trim reqs then that will be fine.. Who needs rewards anyway

Solak needs a "story mode" for compers In my opinion. They can keep their silly crossbows

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Smasherley said:
Solak needs a "story mode" for compers In my opinion. They can keep their silly crossbows
OK say what you mean.
I want an easy mode because I'm bad

Mike Flame said:
GWD2 Tier? Aww I was hoping and I thought it would have been a bit stronger, the final dragon thing looks pretty awesome
Perhaps we will get the rewards for three people if we solo, since it sounds like there won't be team size scaling. That would be cool.
You'll get it when you deserve it.

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Mike Flame
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Mike Flame

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Yes this would be nice but still hoping for more of a challenge than GWD2, I haven't read this anywhere so hopefully it's not true lol, maybe it's just me though, i don't mind if more people want it to be less challenging.
where is the love y'all

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