Elite Dungeons: ToA

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From the streams:

No requirements except I think Impressing the Locals, and content-wise it is intended to be slightly more casual at the 'intended' group size of 3 people (they estimate GWD2 difficulty and the first and second bosses from what we have seen have 500k and 600k HP respectively).

They will be doable in groups of size 1-3, no higher, but won't be omega hard level like a certain dead content group boss we just had. I am I think most are mega hyped for them. Frankly, I don't think there's much point making content for larger than this anyway.

They've confirmed that relevant monsters count towards Slayer tasks (and the Acolytes of Seiryu contracts you can get on Amanishi).

They have said about 300k DG Xp/h, though if you're super good at combat it might be higher. It's slower than Daemonheim but bear in mind you will get monetary loot from it. I suspect "investment of supplies" is irrelevant as you will be making a profit.

I suggest watching over some of the past livestreams on these; there's a lot of information and it's all very reassuring.

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Mike Flame said:

I see what your saying and if the majority would rather easy comp stuff then fair enough, but I don't think it's the way forward, just my opinion anyway.

Like the great thing they made about Solak whilst thinking about the players is the duo mode option. Two pvmers and two people who like divination going into Solak for the first time will have a similar experience and will both need to learn the mechanics of the boss to complete runescape (completion cape) just my thoughts but do you get what I mean?

I don't think Solak will be dead, it's really fun once you get into it, but we all enjoy different things so yeah, hard to please everyone

At the risk of derailing the thread slightly, The problem is specifically that Solak requires a second skilled person, and for some that is just too much of an ask. Solak is basically saying that your ability to get the Comp cape is dictated by who your friends are, or your willingness to pay for a leech (which rather goes against the point of having a comp req to start with). People for the most part aren't asking for an easy solo mode; rather they're asking for a solo mdoe of the normal Solak difficulty, just because then they can try as much as they please. If people do ask for an 'easy mode' it would be so they can duo with with any friend they like and know.

Honestly since ToA will be soloable at its intended difficulty, I don't think the story mode was really needed. I get the feeling it's mostly for the lore players rather than the comp players though. I' not sure many comp players would actually mind of story mode doesn't work here (to emphasise, because ToA will be soloable).

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