Month Ahead: February '18

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I wish there was a bit more to this month to be honest; but I do like the sound of the bank taster.

I'm curious about the Zodiac Festival, but I'm a bit worried of it being a re-skinned event. Please try and change things up, re-skinned events are getting a bit dry.

Thanks for the month ahead, I'll look at the video later today. :)
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02-Feb-2018 17:49:27

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Mod Scorpio said:
Already in-game, but worth a mention) You'll be able to bind action bars to specific weapon styles, meaning that when you swap your main-hand, your primary action bar will switch accordingly. You can toggle this by going to 'Action Bar Settings' within the ‘Game Settings’ interface.

Wait what? Saying "you will be able to..." and "already in-game" about the same thing makes no sense. Stuff that are already in-game since January don't belong to the BTS of February.

One real update this month (clue scroll overhaul), I guess that's better than the zero we had in January. > )
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02-Feb-2018 17:52:51

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i just spent almost 2 hrs at mutated male jadinkos, made over 1.5m off of them including 4 whip vines, and not a single scroll drop??? did yall forget to add in that you nerfed the elite scroll drops or completely took them away? Its never taken longer than 30 minutes to get 1 before, and never have I gotten so many vine whips.

02-Feb-2018 17:53:18

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Yay for one update months.

Snark aside, the Clue Scroll update really does sound good.

So does the Bank Teaser, but I'm afraid that's all we're going to see of the expected rework until mid 2019.
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02-Feb-2018 17:55:11

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Axiomatic said:
Lions RAWR said:
If this is in order, does this mean we will see the Clue overhaul on Monday :O

Please confirm this is true!

Looks like an amazing month

Was confirmed that it's not this Monday on twitter.

Could be the 6th though?? I'm hoping it is, can't wait :D

02-Feb-2018 18:59:44

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