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I agree with Necronium being changed to Necrite; same theme, the suffix just matches existing ores.

I'm sad at the loss of Invictium to Bane but it does sound like they are making Bane gear be thematic and actually use Bane effects.

I really dislike changing Aetherium (which sounded very cool) to 'elder Rune', since while rune is iconic, it's also very weak.

I realise that this sort of 'trivium' was the sort of thing Jagex wanted to avoid polling, but since it seems like something people care about (myself included), I think they should poll the naming of the T90 ore (Aetherium, or if you prefer to keep the suffix theme, say, Aetherite, vs Elder Rune), and additionally the T80 armour if it is just going to be standard T80 gear.

I would also like to point out that if the Aetherium models still exist from when they were going to do the M/S rework a couple of years ago, going back to that name saves some time making models. But yeah, poll it I say!

14-Dec-2017 15:37:55

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