No to zeah and fossil island.

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I absolutely agree that we should leave Zeah to OS. Frankly I'm not sure what we would put there anyway. A lot of its content is already just a copy of things we already have. If you have to come up with so much new stuff to fill the gaps, then what is the point of it being Zeah at all?

I do think we should get 'a' Fossil Island eventually, and given the prevalence of "collection" things a la Insects of Menaphos and Birds of the Arc, I think the fossil hunting vibe could definitely fit in. By no means need it be based on the OS Fossil Island though.

Another reason I have to not have Zeah is, quite frankly, why do we need ANOTHER continent when we still have the vast majority of the Eastern Lands to fill in, such as the Skull. As much as maybe making a new landmass could help with the 'decluttering the game world' problem, by moving some of it there, I'd much rather they worked on finishing off the new continent they started before adding yet another one.

01-Mar-2018 13:11:58

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