No to zeah and fossil island.

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I agree with "no" to zeah.
Osrs and rs3 don't have to have the same areas. Plus we have plenty of unreleased, unfinished, hinted at, and underused areas as is.
The ONLY reason to reuse Zeah is that it is the long list Eastern lands wr have had hinted at simce 2004.

As for kudos/fossil island - it has been teased in runescape since 2007.
Doest it need to be osrs fossil island? No.
Would it need to be as in depth? No.
Conversely, jagex needs to decide IF they are really going to do it. If it is going to just dit forever in the backburner to other dev, just remove the barge workers and references.
If they do move forward it, then add the workers back as a proper teaser.
Can even get the community involved in buklding the barge

28-Feb-2018 18:15:35

Jon Stryder
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Jon Stryder

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Add Zeah? No.

Add Fossil Island? Yes.

Adding content to RS3 simply because it has been added to OSRS is a dangerous argument to make. It would mean treating OSRS as a precursor to RS3, effectively defining them as 2 different versions of the same world. This would mean EVERYTHING that has been added to OSRS since its creation (and everything that will be added in the future) would also have to be added to RS3 in some form or another (even if that was just a reference to explain why something added to OSRS is no longer in RS3.) This simply would not make sense as the games have sufficiently diverged that they can be considered completely separate and independent.

Conversely, just because something has already been added to OSRS is not a sufficient reason why some version of it cannot also be added to RS3. A good idea is still a good idea regardless of if Old-school did it first. All that matters is if the piece of content in question is fitting and beneficial to RS3.

So onto the actual pieces of content in question.

Zeah is hardly mentioned in RS3, if at all. (It may have been hinted at, but if so the reference must have been so vague to have completely passed me by.) So to suddenly discover somewhere completely unknown when there are other areas that are established within the storyline(s) yet unexplored seems unlikely and incongruent to the narrative.

On the other hand, Fossil island has long been established within RS3 lore. The museum, the Kudos points, the barge all point to its existence and the mechanism for accessing it. To have all that set up, yet wait this long and not actually follow through, seems bizarre. Especially given the community's predilection for all things combat and slayer, as nothing screams slayer quite like an island filled with freakin' dinosaurs! (Yet when given the option, players instead chose to add Menaphos... ...and then chose to add slayer to it! Go figure!)
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Adding Zeah to RS3 would diminish both OSRS and RS3 in my opinion. RS3 has its own lore to tie up and doesn't need to delve into the silly Zeah lore. Head east, deal with Rabid Jack and the Pirates, learn about Xau-Tak. Finish off the Arc lore and head to the Skull region. Maybe go east enough and touch the western shore of Zeah as a little nod to OSRS, but it shouldn't be a major piece of content.

As for Fossil Island, unless they tie it with a new (elite) skill, I'd rather Jagex spend their time on something else.
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28-Feb-2018 23:22:27

Dr Esa
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Dr Esa

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Suehtam said:
Look how the Arceuus House will look like on rs3.

Like mentioned so many times in feedback for menaphos it was certainly a terrible experiment, and that's probably not the first time anyone here has heard of that. I say abandon fossil island and zeah, but honestly that was already going to happen anyway and just seemed like Jagex was just trying to offer extra space to make the survey seem have more.

More important issues that had to be dealt with such as clue scrolls, announced on Monday, are more concerning for updates that actually needed fixing.

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I absolutely agree that we should leave Zeah to OS. Frankly I'm not sure what we would put there anyway. A lot of its content is already just a copy of things we already have. If you have to come up with so much new stuff to fill the gaps, then what is the point of it being Zeah at all?

I do think we should get 'a' Fossil Island eventually, and given the prevalence of "collection" things a la Insects of Menaphos and Birds of the Arc, I think the fossil hunting vibe could definitely fit in. By no means need it be based on the OS Fossil Island though.

Another reason I have to not have Zeah is, quite frankly, why do we need ANOTHER continent when we still have the vast majority of the Eastern Lands to fill in, such as the Skull. As much as maybe making a new landmass could help with the 'decluttering the game world' problem, by moving some of it there, I'd much rather they worked on finishing off the new continent they started before adding yet another one.

01-Mar-2018 13:11:58



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no thanks, and more quests leads to more boring stuff.

tons of stuff i want to see ingame before any stupid boring quest, make some new cool unique stuff instead of something idiotic to please the lorelovers

01-Mar-2018 18:05:52

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