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Equipment clues are easy, anyone having problems with them is doing them wrong.

If you need advice on doing hard clues efficiently feel free to pm me in-game.
(I would be more than happy to help)
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25-Aug-2017 22:17:23

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Tinbone said:
Imagine a new room for the P.O.H. with a chest that holds all the emote clue requirements. Also having armor stands all around for displaying full costumes found exclusively on treasure trails. And display cases for single items that mount on the walls all around the room. Just say hidy ho* to all this hidey hole business, make this room, and give +1 to the total number of rooms possible

Ya this idea is actually better than hidey holes, but more out of the way for those that actually look forward to using hidey holes.

I myself will stick to bank presets and costume skip tickets.

Honestly both could be implemented and it wouldn't bother me at all.
Lost Coconuts.
Lost Coconuts in a Paradise Lost, monkeys and pirates welcome.

25-Aug-2017 22:25:06

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Could you please add a Menaphos Hidey hole (or Hidey Tomb) for the city quests?

Since the addition of the slayer tasks (could you please stop giving animals, no fun to have to run and search more than actually slay), the gatherer's tasks are less prevalent but I guess the point of these tasks is too gather them, not buy em straight of ge?

Well the things I've had to obtain like honeycombs and lobsters are perfectly fine to gather, but its annoying to not be able to store some excess due to limited bank space. Then actually going there to gather the rss yourself is way too much of a time investment as you cannot stock up for future quest.

I have turned to just buying them off GE, I can buy the exact amount and be done with it, as you get the coins back anyway. However from a design perspective adding a place to store menaphos city quest stuff makes a lot of sense. It adds an incentive to at least try and gather some of the stuff yourself (not being an ironman)..

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Do NOT make it an ACHIEVEMENT to build/fill all the STASH locations.

Since each player specific has a set of clues they will receive for each tier, this means that there are STASH locations that will NEVER need to be built or used. Why would you make it an achievement? We would then have to purchase random items to fill the STASH locations, which we would then have to re-collect just to get rid of or sell (if we so-desired).

Please do not make a STORAGE SOLUTION part of the achievement system, it is completely un-necessary. Very excited for the extra storage though, bank space is very limited.


10-Sep-2017 00:13:52

Maia Arien
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Transcendent said:
. . . I feel like this is a waste of developer time, it makes doing clues more of a hassle having to build STASH units everywhere, and remember to put things back in every single clue instead of just banking at a normal bank.
You're not required to build the STASHes. I'ts just an option if you want bank space or don't want to run to bank for every emote clue.
8InchDagger said:
So, we still need to go through the process of getting out junk clothes & putting them on, then swapping to combat clothes to fight the wizard, then back to the junk clothes to collect the next clue & then we need to store the junk again? This sounds even slower. Are we trying to discourage players from doing Treasure Trails?
Not if they work it like the grappling hidey holes.
AzurFoudre said:
I really wouldn't mind these STASH units being in game, but I fear I will forget to place the items back in the unit before I teleport away. Could there be a temporary override by clicking on the unit, then as soon as that part of the clue is finished it reverts back? I think that would make this much more appealing.
The grappling hidey holes automatically re-store equipment without a re-click. It's possible these may work similarly.
ImperialUser said:
A thought, if a stash is built and filled it would be nice if we could "quick change" from it, automatically equipping the equipment needed and unequipping current equipment, and once the emote is done "quick deposit" to swap it back. Or as previously mentioned, just recognize the stash is built and filled.
Hopefully they will work it like the grappling hidey holes. The main trouble here is an act between donning and removing the equipment. Perhaps a single click can don equipment, and talking to Uri automatically re-stashes the equipment?

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