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I would still prefer some kind of untradeable universal armor pieces as TT rewards.
Like a body which would work for all clues that require a body and so on.

But I guess hidey holes is the next best thing
Cassie Blake

18-Aug-2017 18:27:07

Deacon Blues
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Deacon Blues

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Oh FFS, just stop it with these ridiculous band-aids and simply remove equipment requirements from emote clues. Why do you feel this compulsive need to make stuff as complicated as possible? Once you go NXT, you never go back.

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I find it frustrating that instead of removing emote/Uri clues because they're awful you would rather create a new system to bypass them—on top of the already existing Uri costume skipping tickets! Wouldn't it be better to spend the development time that would be used to make hidey holes on just about anything else?

I like that the current design uses the construction skill, but construction needs a rework or expansion, not this.

18-Aug-2017 18:44:20

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Deltaslug said:

Costume based Clues are ... obsolete. Annoying, not exactly worth the effort, and just one more bit of rubbish to make a clue scroll artificially challenging (I mean, we are having to navigate the game map, and occasionally fight stuff or solve Knot/Slider puzzles).

We might as well give them the casket instead of having them do steps. Finding coordinates are annoying, digging certain places is annoying, solving puzzles is annoying, etc.

Removing them isn't the solution.

I feel STASH's are a good idea. Can we also make this a Comp or Trim requirement?
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1. Have a mouseover that displays what items go where so we don't have to look up every location's gear to get

2. If Costume Skipping Tickets are still going to be a thing this is an absolute waste of dev time

18-Aug-2017 19:20:50



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This might be too much technical work to implement but how about once a STASH site is built, clicking on it will apply a 30-second buff that allows you to pass the emote clue as if you were wearing the appropriate items? I don't mind the bank space so much as I do the hassle of having to change out gear pieces when fighting/talking to Uri.

18-Aug-2017 19:31:05

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