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Stopicanhitu said:
Why can't we JUST have MORE bank space and tabs

Support, I would much rather have additional bank tabs than hidey holes, and I could use more bank space.

Hidey holes won't save me much bank space since I gave up doing emote clues a long time ago to save bank space, and my bank is still nearly full. I do mostly just elite clues because emote clues are bank space hogs and annoying having to have items I wouldn't likely want or use otherwise.
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21-Aug-2017 17:04:09

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Support! I love this idea, and I'm sure most player will to ! :-) Love the extra content part with being able to fill out all the STASH units as well, good going guys :-D
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21-Aug-2017 18:01:35

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The items needed for clue scrolls is part of the fun of doing the clues. A lot of the items are cheap to make and making them relieves the boredom of the grind for experience which RuneScape seems to have become.

My Vote is NO

21-Aug-2017 20:00:32

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I would rather the emote clues disappear, but if you must I like the idea of having to construct a hidey hole. AND with that make it a place to store construction materials: planks, nails, specialty hammers, etc. Freeing up even more bank space. When I am doing the emote clues I either make or buy whet I need and then resell or use for invention. It's just storing my armor that is a problem.

21-Aug-2017 20:27:11

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Saphire Lord said:
Deltaslug said:
The Good:
It would be a nice way to have some one-off XP for Construction.

The Bad:
Costume based Clues are ... obsolete. Annoying, not exactly worth the effort, and just one more bit of rubbish to make a clue scroll artificially challenging (I mean, we are having to navigate the game map, and occasionally fight stuff or solve Knot/Slider puzzles).

So you break it down to
Option 1: Remove costume clues
Option 2: do what you've suggested

Both are moderate time investments. But I think it might just be better in the long run to get rid of costume clues.

I am with this guy. Buying useless items to complete a clue is.. useless.

Buying useless items to complete a clue, therefore the items do have a use and you are lying to yourself.

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21-Aug-2017 20:45:54

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Imagine a new room for the P.O.H. with a chest that holds all the emote clue requirements. Also having armor stands all around for displaying full costumes found exclusively on treasure trails. And display cases for single items that mount on the walls all around the room. Just say hidy ho* to all this hidey hole business, make this room, and give +1 to the total number of rooms possible

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21-Aug-2017 21:59:04

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