Will RS ever be Scaled Up?

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Mod Matthe said:
Jon Stryder said:
Evilpricetag said:
You know enlarging the map, wouldn't make large open wastelands between all the now know points, it would add allot of content as well...

Unfortunately, I believe it is thinking like this that is one of the problems holding this update back. The thinking that this update needs to introduce more content on release.

Sure in the long term, the new space between cities can be developed and have content added to it and improve the long-term health of the game. But each individual piece of content, each mini-game or quest or Boss that is put in the newly created space would need it's own time to be developed. And this is on top of the huge amount of time it would already take to create that space in the first place.

And it is this lack of short term benefit, the lack of new content on release that is likely to cause a backlash from the community. How many times have you seen posts on the forums following an area graphical rework with comments like 'Is that it!?!' or 'No update week!!!'. Now imagine that on a large scale after 3 years worth of development and no updates!

Unfortunately the community can be very short sighted about updates, judging them only in terms of how it immediately benefits their xp/gp rates instead of playing the long game.

Expanding the map, without adding content (which you are correct would an enormous amount more work) is still a huge task as we have previously discussed. The implications on current content would be so massive as to make it unfeasible as a game update, let alone the sheer amount of work that would be required just to add space.

How are other mmorpg's able to release such "massive updates"? Like every few months to a year? I think the term is "expansion pack"? Why can't RuneScape have an expansion pack?
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