How much longer for rs on ios?

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Salty Roger said:
when can we play rs in all forms on ios?

Hey @G D Roger,
I come in peace, and with good news!

I don't know which version you are going to play but I am happy to announce thaaaat

The mobile app for the main version of RuneScape is scheduled for release in mid-2018. The app for Old School RuneScape was originally slated for release in Winter 2017, but this has since been postponed to early 2018.

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21-Feb-2018 20:40:02

Elf of Seren
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Elf of Seren

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I'm hoping that they delay OSRS and decide to release them both at once, because whichever one is released second is probably going to receive a burnt-out market. The RS Wiki will post your IP Address online

22-Feb-2018 04:44:15

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