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So let me get this straight, the only updates this month are the (hype, don't get me wrong) skillcape perk stuff and the (immensely hype again, don't get me wrong) Dragonkin Laboratory, which was DELAYED from July?

What about the other 2 weeks? A DXPW and an MTX event are NOT game updates.

And let's suppose for a second that Dragonkin Labs had been released on time; how pathetically empty would August have been?

I get that you've embarked on some larger updates right now; the Mining/Smithing rework is taking up a few developers, as are the (incredibly hyped) Player Owned Farms, and the Jesters have been working on the Elite Dungeons system. All of these projects are incredibly worth it, and I don't want my negativity to be seen as an argument against this. It isn't, they're all solid big updates I am looking forward to immensely.

But where are the small updates to tide us over while we wait? New Achievements, a Slayer monster, a tree or something. Things that we've seen earlier in the year that seem to have completely dropped off the face of the map. Things that could be made in a short amount of time by a lone developer, 1 artist and a q/a tester?

These smaller updates that we voted on several months and and nothing has happened since. Where are all the developers and updates that you claim the MTX pays for? Right now it seems like we have the same or even less developers working on RS3 than ever (even allowing for Mobile) even though the MTX has only gotten worse (TH has been selling XP for at least half of July).

This is not what I expect of you, given how much money you keep trying to milk out of us.

03-Aug-2018 17:52:37

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