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Pr0ironkid73 said:
Do any of these bonuses apply to ironmen, if so, which?

^ - I wish they would make this the standard when releasing info, just add a few lines about Ironmen for clarification.
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16-Nov-2017 14:46:05

J a me s
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Just wanna say a big thank you for restricting the extremely powerful XP bonuses for ironmen. Very happy to see that ironman game mode integrity is being carefully considered!

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Mod Orion said:

Shattered Worlds grants 50% extra anima.

Can you perhaps add more rewards to shattered worlds first? A lot of players already have all rewards and have capped the anima at 500m.
we need more usable rewards that aren't just a one time unlock.
Some suggestions :
-Daily/Weekly/Monthly D&D tokens.
-Slayer Vip tickets
-Abyssal Hound Pet enhancers (Doubles the drop rate of the Abyssal Hound pet , has a few charges).

Or perhaps you can just increase the anima cap? So our time spent there isn't completely a waste.
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16-Nov-2017 15:36:04

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