Skillcape Perks Proposals

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• Construction – A chance to save planks while building in your player-owned house - change to "materials" and not just planks since planks are not the only items used for building

• Crafting – A chance to cut all gems in your inventory at once - why just gems? also, this perk will be dead on arrival since cutting gems loses money and is mostly used by people with too much money to "buy" fast xp. Skill cape perks should be about the skill and not about training the skill. You already have 99 so why have a cape purely for the xp?

• Invention – Increases the chance of receiving components when disassembling items - will this work with the machine?

p.s a better perk for invention imo would be to allow us to focus on 1 perk we want in a gizmo to make getting the right perks easier.
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17-May-2018 19:05:16

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