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Yusou Bhoroi

Yusou Bhoroi

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I think Legacy should have a good selection of servers. Getting rid of that is not very positive.

As others have stated: There are other, non-labeled worlds, and the ability to dual-purpose worlds, so it should prioritise using those, 1st.

It's incorrect, though, to state that OSRS carries RS3, in terms of revenue. It generates a lot less money for them, though that is slowly growing (it is likely to be around 2/3 of the amount RS3 makes, this Year). There is no direct analysis of the costs for each game, individually, so it's difficult to make precise comments on such things. Hopefully they both continue to grow.

The exact revenue for each game is a little inaccurately portrayed, on the financial statement, as the sums given in the breakdown of the two games (53m RS3, 32m OSRS) add up to more than the overall revenue (84.9m), which should also include other products that JAGEX owns, and operates (Planetarion, and - back in 2017, Chronicle & Classic), that would surely be counted separately?

The main issue facing the game, is that the current owners invested a lot of money in buying JAGEX, and so are looking for a return on that; they have therefore set high targets for the company's turnover, and will expect that to be met. I am not saying they are wrong to do so, just that it will have an impact, if you take 85% of the post-tax profit, as dividends, when previously it was nowhere near that.

13-Dec-2018 11:38:56

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