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Yusou Bhoroi said:
Pitfall # The First

Many Minigames can be incredibly sensitive to ping, or population lag. Playing them on high ping, and/or high population Worlds, will greatly reduce the playablility, especially at the top-end of play, and completely spoil the experience, making enjoyment difficult, or impossible.

Instancing does not solve this, if not done properly. The Cabbage FacePunch Bonanza is an example of it being done half-right.

It does group together different people, allowing games to be more populated, but the shards are often extremely laggy, and wierdly appear to have vastly different ping to the Worldset-server they are supposedly spawned on - It was supposedly designed so that people on the same server (different Worlds), would be grouped together on a split-off shard, on the server.

Leaving aside the obvious issue with that not dealing with a server being crowded, it still begs the qeustion: Why does this shard sometimes have a ping that is up to 2500% higher (380, vs 15, for example), even when not peaking, than the World you entered from, which is supposedly the same server?

For high intensity PvP, or PvG content, the effects start to be noticeable anywhere above a ping of 40, or a population of 80, they can become gradually more detrimental as these increase - by 100+ ping, and 150+ population, it can become highly detrimental to 'top-end' play.

(Would you go to w2, to attempt to break your personal best killtime, on 1000%+ enr Telos?).

If you want minigames to stay, then get a job at jagex as a programmer and start making ways to make those said minigames better. If not, let sleeping dogs lie and let them get removed.

16-Jan-2018 06:13:40

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