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Mod Matthe said:
I have an asked for an update on our current plans with the Well of Goodwill but last I heard we were working on some significant improvement in how we worked with charities. I'll see if I can get you an answer.

Did you ever find anything out about this? It has been a very long time since the well has been open now. I am wondering if and when it will return. The latest charity events have all been built into the cosmetic event path of getting a random item in your inventory while training. Why not open the well back up and allow for titles again? Is this ever going to return, can you at least let us know that? If not, why is it still there? Teaser?

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yes when spending option is left click option but inactive, the well makes no sense to stand south of varrock GE. remove it completely and let it only show up if it is active.

or if you dont want to delete it and bring back at events, then make some grafik to explain why it cant be used atm.
a realistic well with big hole and bottomless would allways allow players to drop coins inside.

but you can either create a magic forcefield surrounding it, that is fading away on event times. or protect the well by guardians who do not let any player come close to it.

and when there is event, then they step aside and a big elegant NPC-guy with glasses and white hair will be sitting on a throne, holding a book to note down the value of thrown in donnations.

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They clearly abandoned the well after realising the ammount of money they were donating each time they opened it, and their investors weren't happy.

It's sad, really.
needs to be a death overide for former FunOrb members!
He never blinks.

27-Apr-2018 21:21:27

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