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Mod Scorpio said:
The RuneScape Annual Survey gives you the chance to influence future updates by scoring and prioritising our backlog. The results from previous years gave way to Solak...

No it didn't. This is an outright lie. The previous polls all called for a SOLO boss and proved that next to NOONE wants bossing for groups of 7. Roughly 11% of the entire community favours anything needing over 5 people, compared to over a third that would prefer solo and around a quarter that would prefer 2-3. Solak is a vanity project by a JMod that keeps making bosses for himself, player feedback be damned.

Cyndarkwood said:
Make all bosses
Stop trying to force us to "socialize", which devolves into paying others large amounts of gp just to kill a group boss.

THIS. They don't have to be solo only, just Soloable, like Nex, or like the Ambassador that was originally promised from the surveys (not the stupid Solak we are getting).

01-Mar-2018 20:31:19

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