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Steelweaver said:
Minigames will continue to be dead until the rewards given outweigh the time it takes to earn them.

That is to say, as long as people need the rewards, they'll be alive.

What happens after the "revival"? Four weeks later and it'll stay just as dead as it was before.

Solak, AoD, Telos, and even some of the next tier down (Araxxor, et.cetera.) are all not-dead, long past 4 weeks post-release time. I don't see why Minigames couldn't do the same, if they have worthwhile rewards, obtainable through active gameplay.

As long as they come from Minigames which have a Player v Game aspect, then there's no reason why the Minigames can't give out top-tier gear, linked to it (behind hard enough requirements, of course). It may even be possible to have such things come from Minigames that are more PvP, but getting a system that can't be manipulated easily, would likely take a lot of effort, and be subject to bugs; that's no reason not to add such things to PvG Minigames.

The Great Orb Project is a prime candidate, as it has ready-made PvG (or PvO) elements, within it, in terms of the number of orbs scored, and playing it with proficiency is extremely challenging (even more so, in teams), every bit as much as Bossing.

I'll happily redact that, if you can solve the following puzzle, on first go (even though it's a simple one, and it's not in live-play, and it doesn't involve having to bear in mind positional-potential, nor orb potential; I won't even require dead-streaming to be used, even though that's by far the most difficult maneuver to master):

The white dot is the player, the yellow dots are the orbs; the aim is to score all 3, in as few tiks as possible, noting any actions taken, on a tik-by-tik basis.
Assume a standing start.
Assume this is on a P2P server, with all unlocks obtained.
Use the centre tile of the altar as (0,0) coordinate.

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