The Ushabti Problem...

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It's an utter pain and a bit stupid, but it's really just a symptom of the REAL issue here: that players with no interest in PvP are being forced into a PvP area to do non-PvP content where if they do get killed, another player can take their stuff, and players have no choice in the matter.

The solution here is not to change the death behaviour of ushabti, but rather to create some lava strykewyrms outside of the Wilderness. Make them task-only, lock them behind some quest (BoE seems apt; could put them in the TzHaar volcano) and remove the 5 noted searing ash drop and make the weapon items rarer as a compromise.

Now, people with no interest in losing their stuff and being harassed by petty griefers are now longer forced to skip or block this task and you can get the soul without risking your ushabti.

Obviously this is a bit more effort, but it's something that really needs to be done, and would fix this problem too.

27-Jan-2018 11:37:50

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