elite kiba rules, but darts...

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Subzero said:
Elite Death lotus darts are fine as they are. They're an near risk-free Tier 88 Wilderness PKing weapon. They do not need any more power giving to them (making them Tier 88 and near risk-free is bad enough, you're just empowering raggers.)

lol yeah, we wouldn't want the what? 10 pkers left in rs3 to be too OP now would we.

honestly the "risk free pking weapon" thing is a pretty poor excuse not to make decent thrown weapons, so what, we can't have anything like this thats good because it would effect the almost 100% dead pvp community?, sorry thats not good enough, if something IS actually effecting pvp in that kind of way, then...ban it from the wilderness/pvp, not the entire game

07-Jul-2018 03:39:31

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